Academy Governance

The Brookfield School Ltd is an academy trust. It has a two tier structure of governance: members and directors (trustees). Members are responsible for the appointment of directors; directors are responsible for

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent.

(DfE Governance Handbook 2017)

Jenny James
Dennis Longmore (Chair) resigned 3rd September 2018
June Poole (Chair)
Kevin Jones

Board of Directors
Darren Adams (appointed 13th November 2018)
Mary Boustead staff (13th November 2018)
Ed Edwards (appointed 29th September 2017)
David Gaston CEO (Appointed 7th December 2016)
Jenny James, parent of former pupil (Appointed 13th November 2018)
Kevin Jones (Appointed 13th November 2018)
Jane Payne, parent (Appointed 13th November 2018)
June Poole Chair, parent of former pupil (Appointed 9th July 2015) (c/o:
Chris Tindall (appointed 9th July 2015)

Company Secretary: Alison Adams (appointed 19th September 2017)

Trust Accounting Officer: David Gaston (

Chief Financial Officer: Alison Adams (

Directors who have resigned in the previous year (1st September 2017 – August 31st 2018)

Karen Owens 4th December 2017 – 31st August 2018)

Business and Pecuniary Interests

David Gaston is also the head teacher of The Brookfield School

Jenny James is directly related to a member of the school staff, Jonny James

Darren Adams is husband to Alison Adams, Business Manager

Chris Tindall is the Director of Hereford Vocational Training, which provides placements for Brookfield students


Finance and Premises: Alison Adams (ex officio), Darren Adams (chair), David Gaston, Jenny James, June Poole, Chris Tindall

Human Resources: Darren Adams, David Gaston, Jenny James, Kevin Jones, Jane Payne, June Poole, Chris Tindall (chair)

Curriculum and Standards: David Gaston, Ed Edwards, Jenny James, Kevin Jones, Jane Payne, June Poole

Link directors

Safeguarding: June Poole

SEN, CLA and other vulnerable groups: Jenny James

Pupil Premium and Sports Premium: Jane Payne

Secondary teaching & learning: Chris Tindall

Primary teaching & learning: Jane Payne

Data: Darren Adams

For the Directors Annual Report, please click on the link below for the Financial Statement for 2017-2018; the Directors annual Report is included there.