Aim, Ethos and Values

Ethos and Values

We believe that all our pupils should be provided with every opportunity to achieve the best of which they are capable, academically, socially and personally.

We encourage every pupil to develop resilience, self-belief, a positive outlook and the ability to persevere. They are supported through a balanced, engaging and challenging curriculum that is nurturing and meets individual needs. An environment of honesty and trust are key to our success.

Good communication is also at the heart of our success; we endeavour to ensure that parents, carers, pupils and all other stakeholders are provided with up to date, relevant information promptly.

We treat all members of the school community equally and with respect and tolerance; we are an inclusive school.

All members of our community are expected to demonstrate compassion, consideration, forgiveness and kindness in a safe and secure environment.


 Our aim is to ensure that all pupils will reflect that their time at The Brookfield School has equipped them to lead safe, happy and successful lives; make enduring and loving relationships; contribute successfully to society; look back with pride and forward with confidence.