Members & Directors

The Brookfield School belongs to a multi academy trust, Hereford Integrated Behaviour Outreach Service (HIBOS). HIBOS is responsible for the strategic leadership of the school and also the contract to run local authority Pupil Referral Services, Hospital Education and the Behaviour Support Team. HIBOS has a team of ‘Members’ and a Board of Directors who have overall responsibility for the effective running of all its services.

Jenny James
Dennis Longmore (Chair)
June Poole

Board of Directors
Carl Edwards (appointed 29th September 2017)
David Gaston (CEO. Appointed 7th December 2016)
Karen Owens (appointed 4th December 2017)
June Poole (Chair. Appointed 9th July 2015)
Chris Tindall (appointed 9th July 2015)

Company Secretary: Alison Adams (appointed 19th September 2017)

Directors who have resigned in the previous year (1st September 2016 – August 31st 2017)
Janet Baker (9th July 2015 – 20th July 2017)
Eleonor Christopher (9th July 2015 – 30th April 2017)
Dame Oremi Evans (1st April 2015 – 19th July 2017)
David Smith (9th July 2015 – 30th April 2017)

Business and Pecuniary Interests

David Gaston is also the head teacher of The Brookfield School

Jenny James is directly related to a member of the school staff, Jonny James