Head Teacher’s Welcome

Welcome to The Brookfield School website and thank you for considering our school.

The Brookfield School caters for up to 84 children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties aged 5 – 16. All our pupils have an Education, Health and Care Plan. We belong to the Hereford Integrated Behaviour Outreach Service Multi Academy Trust (HIBOS).

The school is based on two sites with the primary and secondary provision on Grandstand Road and our alternative key stage 4 provision on Symonds Street. We have 27 places for girls and boys in key stage1 and 2 and 45 places for boys in key stages 3 and 4. Additionally, we have 12 places in the Arrow Centre. We also provide primary school intervention places for pupils in mainstream schools who are at risk of exclusion. Many of our pupils have additional needs such as autistic spectrum disorders, ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and Dyslexia. All pupils are admitted via the local authority.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on nurture and enrichment through small classes (maximum of 9 pupils ordinarily) each staffed with a teacher and 2 teaching assistants. We know that pupils achieve most when they feel safe, when they know that they are accepted unconditionally and when they know that their individual learning needs are considered carefully.  The Brookfield School works hard to provide the most appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of each individual pupil, based on ability and interest. Three afternoons each week, pupils choose from a wide range of activities that help to develop their self esteem, confidence, social skills and team work ability. Activities range from looking after the chickens to rock climbing, from modelling to animation and from music to cooking with a great deal more in between! In addition, pupils have access to mentors, 1:1 coaching and a counsellor as well as a very extensive local support network.

We are proud of our reputation as a caring school and value our partnership with parents and carers as the key to success for all our pupils at The Brookfield.  We have a highly qualified and hugely committed team of teachers and support team that includes specialist learning and behaviour support staff.

Our aim is to enable very pupil to leave The Brookfield School equipped to lead successful, safe and happy lives; to be able to create and sustain loving relationships and to be able to contribute positively to the wider society. The Brookfield School is a learning environment in which everyone can thrive.

David Gaston

Head Teacher