Key Stage 3

The Brookfield School offers a full and varied curriculum for all pupils at Key Stage 3. In addition to English, Maths and Science, pupils study Art; Design & Technology; Food; Geography; History; Physical Education; Personal, social, Health and citizenship Education and Religious Education.

Pupils can access various interventions during their time in key stage three as well as ‘catch up’ sessions in the core subjects of English, reading, writing and/or Maths.

On three afternoons each week, the curriculum is supplemented with enrichment activities in order that pupils have further opportunities to develop socially and emotionally, to build confidence … and have fun! We currently offer a wide range of activities including: animal care; fitness for fun; police cadets; cookery; art projects; livewire-music production and life skills as well as social skills development groups.

We also run a mentoring programme centred on outdoor activities in order to raise, develop and build self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth. Pupils also have access to our counsellor as well as their tutor.

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