Local Governing Body

The role of governors is to provide support, challenge and scrutiny to the work of the school. It can be an enormously rewarding role, one that helps to steer the direction of the school and its values and aims. If you would like to find out more about being a governor, please contact the school and we will ensure that a governor contacts you as soon as possible.

Our governing body currently consists of the following people:

Jenny James (Current term: 1st September 2014 – 31st August 2018. Parent of an ex pupil, with a focus on Health and Safety and Humanities subjects)

Kevin Jones (Current term: 10th February 2017 – 9th February 2021. Local authority governor with a focus on the Arrow Group and Careers)

Jane Payne (Current term: 8th March 2016 – 7th March 2020. Parent governor with a focus on Science)

June Poole (Current term: 8th March 2016 – 7th January 2020. Chair of Governors with a focus on Child protection, Looked After Children, SEN, Citizenship)

Linda Price (Current term: 6th March 2018 – 5th March 2022. Non teaching staff governor. )

Liz Reynolds (Current term: 1st June 2016 – 31st May 2020. staff governor)

The local governing body also has three committees: Curriculum; Finance and Premises; Personnel.


 Curriculum  Finance and Premises Personnel 
 Jenny James (Chair)  Jenny James  Jenny James
 Kevin Jones  Kevin Jones  Kevin Jones
 Jane Payne  Jane Payne  Jane Payne
 June Poole  June Poole (Chair)  June Poole