Attendance and Requesting Absence For Pupils


Regular attendance at school is crucial to your child’s success at school. No day lost through absence can be regained and every day lost is a lost opportunity. It is hard for a pupil to catch up with work that has been missed through absence and every effort should be made to ensure that your child attends so that s\he doesn’t fall behind with work. It is also important that your child attends so that they can benefit from the wide range of activities that we provide, all of which are in place to support your child’s emotional and social development.

All pupils should strive for 100% attendance. 90% might sound impressive but remember that this is the equivalent of one day off school every fortnight. In a school year, 90% attendance means being absent for 19 days. This level of attendance cannot provide the best opportunity for your child’s success. That is why, where at all possible, every pupil should aim for 100% attendance.

Permission to be absent from school will only be granted by the head teacher in exceptional circumstances. If you wish your child to be absent for any reason, you should put your request in writing to the head teacher, setting out the reason for the absence and the proposed duration. Permission for absence is the responsibility of the head teacher.


It is also important to ensure that your child arrives on time for the start of school, which is 08:40. Arrival after 09:15 will result in a mark of unauthorised absence unless an acceptable explanation is provided for lateness.