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Avengers 2021 - 2022

Mrs Williams

Hello and welcome to the Avengers class.

Avengers – Autumn Term 1.

This half term our topic in English encompasses a magical theme. We will read a range of poetry, discuss different uses of language and implement this learning so that the children can write their own poem. Pupils will also develop an understanding of the importance of what they watch through short, silent films. Pupils will recognise different word classes and include this is their writing, such as adjectives for a character description, to enhance content. 

Daily whole class and individual reading sessions will further embed the pupils in becoming confident readers and reading for pleasure by exploring exciting and interesting texts using Reading Vipers. 

During our maths lessons, we will begin the autumn term by exploring numbers and the number system. Pupils need to understand that when counting in our number system we count objects into groups of ten and then groups of one hundred, one thousand and so on. We will bring concepts to life by allowing the pupils to experience and handle a range of physical objects/resources. 

During the Autumn term we will have ‘French Day’ where the children will take part in all kinds of engaging activities, including practising their French speaking that we will be learning in our weekly sessions.

Keep up the good work Avengers. We are very proud of you!

Mrs Williams, Chelsea and Steve.



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