Avengers 2019 - 2020

Miss Mapp

The Avengers have a busy term ahead but lots of lovely things to look forward to!

 This half term our theme is 'Carnival of The Animals.' 

In English we shall be focussing on non-fiction texts. We shall be looking at a range of information texts and their layout features. We shall then be creating our own information leaflets on how to care for pets and animals, using the computer to research. Following on from this we shall look at the book 'Flanimals' by Ricky Gervais, complete descriptive writing and create our own Flanimal! We shall then look at poetry and complete our own animal poems. At the end of the half term we shall study Aesop Fables and create our own thinking about a moral that is important to us! 

In History and Geography we shall be learning about famous scientists who focus their studies on animals such as Darwin and David Attenborough. We shall also look at different climates and habitats all around the world and why animals live where they do. 

In science we shall be looking at the different features of living things, food chains, adaptation and animal diets. This will link to our geography on how these animals are suited to the climates in which they live. 

The children shall be completing weekly art lessons with Mrs Feeley, in which they will use a range of mediums, tools and materials to create fantastic art work. 

Mrs Hobbs will be teaching PSHE and the pupils will learn about healthy relationships, how to keep themselves safe in the outside world and the importance of good British values. 

 We look forward to a lovely half term!

The Brookfield School

Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9NG

Michelle Parkes, Headteacher