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Class 5 2021 - 2022

Mr Broadbridge

DT Teacher

Class 5

Class 5 is the oldest group of pupils in the school and are currently in their last year at Brookfield.

The student’s curriculum is based on a combination of ‘core’ or compulsory subjects and their option subjects, which they have chosen for themselves.  The core curriculum consists of Maths, English, Science, Physical Education, PSHE and Religious Education.  The pupils also receive a specialist Careers lesson each week to support their transition to a post 16 learning centre.  The pupils have selected 2 optional subjects which they also study each week.  The current choices are Sports Leadership, Food and Cooking Skills, History, Art and Design and DT Unit awards.

Spring and Summer Term 2022

The students are currently coming toward the end of completing new learning and turning their attention toward the completion of their courses which will lead to either Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2 qualification.  The students have already taken a number of externally set examinations, some which have been completed on line and some in a written format.  The structure of many of the courses allows students to retake an exam, if they were not immediately successful.

The members of Class 5 are also making their final decisions on the type of post 16 course they wish to follow and completing applications ready for interviews. The pupils are supported through this process by the school’s own Careers Advisor.

The Brookfield School

Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9NG

Michelle Parkes, Headteacher