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Incredibles 2020 - 2021

Miss Roberts

Primary teacher - Incredibles class

Welcome to the Incredibles class

The Incredibles- Spring Term  

The Incredibles class has been working really hard during this half term. In English the children are developing their reading and comprehension skills by discussing and sharing books as a class. They are developing their writing by creating simple sentences and spelling CVC and CVCC words. During our Maths lessons, we will be using our multiplication and division skills to solve one-step problems.  

In Science, we will be learning about different types of animals and their basic needs. The children will be using their computing skills to explore different animals, observing their differing characteristics and offspring 

Our Religious Education lessons will be focussed on understanding Hinduism and exploring different holidays such as Holi or Diwali. In design and technology, we will learn about Chinese New Year, creating Chinese dragons and fireworks using different forms of multimedia 

In Humanities our lessons will involve gaining an understanding of the geographical similarities and differences of the human and physical geography of the local community and that of one in a non-European country. Children will have an appreciation of how lives can differ in today’s world.  

P.E. will continue to be on a Wednesday so please ensure your child arrives in school in their P.E. kit on this day. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances Dinedor has been cancelled this term but we will still go on adventures throughout the term and will provide updates about when these will be happening via text. 

 Rhiannon, Lexi, Laura and Debbie  



The Brookfield School

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Michelle Parkes, Headteacher