Titans 2019 - 2020

Miss Evans

Welcome to the Titans Class!

We aim to provide an exciting and engaging range of learning experiences. Our focus is to provide a deep understanding of all core subjects in the curriculum, filling any significant gaps from previous learning. We promote maths mastery through a variety of problem solving and reasoning activities promoting progress through support and encouragement. Furthermore, we have an emphasis on phonics giving students the key skills to become confident with both reading and writing.

This term our topic is Carnival of the Animals and in geography we shall discover what it is like in the Arctic and compare it to life in the Rainforest. Linking our science to this, we are going to be looking at different types of habitats and the animals that have adapted to live there. 

In English we are looking at the book Flanimals written by Ricky Gervais. We have created our own Flanimals and written a passage to describe it and its habitat. We shall also have a focus on non-fiction texts and create our own non-fiction texts on how to care for our Flanimals.

The Titans class will be working with Mrs Feeley each week with a focus on the ocean, they will be using different mediums such as sculpting, painting and sketching to create their own masterpieces. The Titans and are also working with Mrs Hobbs in PHSE learning about the relationships with ourselves and with others.

We are also learning about Growth mind-set on a weekly basis. This is helping us to become more positive thinkers, encouraging us to take part in activities that can seem hard and understanding that mistakes are a crucial part of learning.

 We are looking forward to a great term!


The Brookfield School

Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9NG

Michelle Parkes, Headteacher