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Arrow Centre

The Arrow Group is a specialist provision for SEMH students who are difficult to engage in traditional school environments or school refusers.

Students’ timetables are individually tailored to suit their specific needs and abilities. The curriculum follows a more vocational pathway incorporated with core subjects of Maths, English, PSE and Careers. A dynamic and flexible working approach is used to support and encourage learning and positive school engagement. Student’s practical skills are linked to AQA Awards, there are further opportunities to achieve certificates within their chosen outdoor/land based studies. Arrow staff work closely with outside agencies such as YJS, VENNTURE, NO Wrong Door, Family Support Workers and GRT. The school counsellor visits the Arrow Group regularly for drop in or 1:1 sessions. 

As part of the personl development curriculum, life skills teaching including community based learning is offered and travel training/ personl safety is offered on a 1:1 basis.  Year 11 transitions into Post 16 placements are provided and have proved to be successful, with the majority of young people gouing into employment or further training after they leave. 

Vocational and life skill projects are extended for Arrow students. We provide opportunities at three different farm settings across Herefordshire. Redcastle, the Houghton Project and Hereford Vocational Training (HVT), students engage with a variety of farming duties also covering important skills and achieving qualifications in  Health and Safety at Work, PPE equipment, Manual Handling, Driving skills, Animal Care and Art Awards.  Work experience is at the heart of the Arrow curriculum. Year 10 and 11 students take part in many different work experience placements, expanding knowledge and skills within their personal career interests and giving them first-hand experience of the duties/expectations involved and the qualifications required preparing them for adulthood and the world of work. 

Arrow students also attend Dinedor Outdoor Centre where their imagination and creativity skills are put to good use. Shelter building; fire lighting or cooking on an open fire are some of their favourites. Creating new friendships during team building exercises, having the open space to grow in confidence and try new activities are an important part of the experience and promote resilience and good mental health alongside achieving AQA certificates in Bush craft and working as peer mentors for younger pupils.

The Brookfield School

Grandstand Road, Hereford HR4 9NG

Michelle Parkes, Headteacher