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Primary Provision

Primary Provision

Our whole school aim is to enable all our pupils to become:



Emotionally literate

Ambitious learners

Tolerant of others

Effective communicators;

who are prepared for adulthood in modern Britain.

In our primary provision we aim to provide a broad curriculum for all our pupils in order to develop self-esteem and confidence.

All children spend time at the Dinedor Outdoor Centre during the year. Our outdoor sessions are linked closely to the curriculum, to enhance learning through a practical, hands on approach. Children are encouraged to interact socially with peers and engage in collaborative play. We also focus on team building activities and the development of practical skills to enable our children to feel really good about themselves.

We are continuing our involvement in the local community through the links we have developed with The Courtyard Theatre and also with Encore, our specialist music provider.

We have spent the last 18 months altering the look and feel of the primary site, developing a bright, inclusive environment in which our pupils feel safe. Photographs and work by the children are displayed throughout the building to show that they are valued by us and that we are proud of them. Mental wellbeing displays are updated regular with the children’s thoughts and feelings included on them.

We have raised money to pay for a library and a wellbeing room and we have created a garden at the back of our building for the children to access whenever they feel they need time to themselves in which to calm and self-regulate. The garden is also used for growing flowers and vegetables and for outdoor play, so the children can enjoy the outdoors.

We have developed sets of activities that make up a sensory strategy and are appropriate for our pupils’ needs. These are specific and individualised to assist with regulation of activity levels, attention and adaptive responses.

Through our trauma informed approach, we have created a Wellbeing Team which aims to allow staff to work in a therapeutic-informed manner, integrating pedagogy around PACE and giving our pupils time and positive attention with emotionally available adults. Targeted pupils participate in weekly sessions involving play therapy, art therapy, ELSA sessions or small group activities.

 All pupils complete online PASS assessments so that staff can gain a clearer understand of how individual pupils feel within the school environment and their perceptions of themselves. For any pupil whose responses are cause for concern a Boxall profile is then completed by the adult who knows the child best to further inform. Pupils are then referred to the Wellbeing Team for specific interventions and support.

Contact with parents and carers has greatly improved and their engagement in their children’s schooling and mental wellbeing is consistently encouraged. Key members of staff act as EAAs for parents and carers also and we have held drop ins and organized events to which all have been invited.






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