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The Brookfield School reopens to students on Tuesday 9th April 2024 @ 8.40 am (Monday 8th April is a Inset Day for teacher training)
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11H 2023 - 2024


Mrs Hobbs

Autumn 1 – 11H

This half term we are reading Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

The book focuses on themes of racism, poverty and romance. The class have already read 6 chapters and created diary entries and art work around the characters they have met.


History and RE are combined this half term, with a focus on biography writing. The class are researching Dr Martin Luther King, and creating a 450 word biography of his life and contribution to the Civil Rights Movement in the USA.


In PSHE our big question is – Are we in the adult world at 16?

We are looking at what freedoms and restrictions are available to us as we approach 16 and think about leaving school.


In Careers Information Advice and Guidance we are looking at leadership and the skills of a leader. We are discussing our goals for poat-16 and creating a CV.


Mrs Hobbs – 11H



Autumn 2

This half term is all about  functional skills! We have mocks in November for both Maths and English, ranging from Entry 3 to Level 2! During December the class are preparing for their Speaking, Listening and Communication Level 1 exam, ready for assessment in January.

The group will also take a look around Hoople in December as part of their post-16 and careers decision making. They will also take part in a CV writing workshop with Landau.

11H and Mrs Hobbs would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Spring 1

This is a short, yet busy half term for 11H.

They are moving up a gear with their post-16 CIAG, this will include 1:1 Interview practice as well as a visit to the Hereford Skills Show. They are applying for their post-16 destinations and starting to think about exam season!! 

11H will be fund raising for their end of school away day and meal.