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Physical Education

Mr Reed


PE Teacher



The aims of Physical Education (PE) are:

1 – To develop confidence through a varied range of activity areas

2 – Provide students with the information needed in order to make healthy lifestyle choices and remain lifelong learners, specifically around Physical Activity

3 – Embed key theoretical knowledge of health and fitness within sport and physical activity in order to inform students to be able to train independently and create individualised training programmes

4 – Contribute to mental health and wellbeing in all students through effective promotion of physical activity and its benefits

5 – Develop and embed a culture of student leadership throughout the school to encourage and nurture responsibility and key life skills through the leadership of peers

6 – Provide a pathway for Key Stage 4 students to opt for a certified option route through Junior Sports Leaders Award and an ASDAN qualification in sport and fitness.

 7 – Where possible begin to implement extra-curricular opportunities with neighbouring schools both within mainstream and special school partners

8 – Provide regular links to outside facilities including gyms, outdoor education sites and local club sites to raise student’s awareness of such opportunities and develop confidence to join clubs and leisure providers outside of school through effective signposting.


Linked Whole School Department Aims –

1 – Strengthen links and partnership with key stakeholders across the county and regionally including clubs, national governing bodies, coaches, volunteers, county sports partnership and potential funding grants to enhance equipment and facilities.

2 – Develop a whole school (Primary & Secondary), Intra-School Competition structure by planning termly timetable drop down days where all students are involved, either performing, officiating or as part of a media team showcasing the day. To instill in the children a curiosity and understanding of events, places and people in a variety of times and environments. 

We aim to link these to our school values and overarching vision around our CREATE ethos: Confidence, Resilience, Effective Communication, Ambitious, Tolerant, Emotional Literacy.



At The Brookfield School the Physical Education Curriculum endeavors to ensure our pupils become:

Confident to develop physical skills in addition to becoming more confident socially through group tasks and leadership responsibility.

Resilient to persevere with challenges they may face during learning and into the world of work, with sufficient physical and related multi ability skills to enable them to pursue given vocational routes in the world of sport, physical activity and any related sector.

Effective Communicators who can listen to others, comprehend and share their views. In addition, they will develop the ability to offer feedback on their own and others work and identify strengths and weaknesses in a variety of tasks.

Ambitious, striving for their personal goals and prepared for further education or employment. This will include achieving accredited qualifications such as Junior Sports Leaders Award or other appropriate courses.

Tolerant by experiencing a broad range of different activities as well developing the ability and confidence to lead their peers through tasks, who are of a varied ability level.

Emotionally Literate through the sharing of experiences and the development of their personal strand of the 5 multi ability curriculum. Objectives of which include overcoming new and challenging activities and dealing with others’ feelings when playing competitive games.


Across KS2 pupils will typically cover Tennis, Basketball, Dodgeball, Exercising Safely and Effectively, Gymnastics, Football, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Rounders and Cricket


In KS3 pupils will cover Badminton and Table Tennis in addition to many of the activities from KS2 and from year 8 onwards will receive an induction to Halo Gym and write their own personalised exercise programme that by year 9 they will be expected to follow independently.


Additional activities are covered in KS4 including Boxing and Martial Arts where possible in addition to the main programme followed in KS3. 


At the end of year 9 pupils will select their option subjects and across the 2 year period of key stage 4 will complete a sports leadership award and an ASDAN qualification in Sport & Fitness.  On these courses pupils will link with community facilities and clubs to try new sports such as Contact Rugby, Kung Fu & Kick Boxing, Footgolf & Futsal.  In the sports leadership award pupils will plan and lead sessions to our younger classes.


We work in partnership with a number of key stakeholders in the local community where we access their facilities as part of the curriculum.


Facilities we pay to hire as part of our curriculum offer (Often at discounted rates)


Halo Leisure Services – Including The Gym, Badminton Courts, Athletics Track, All Weather Pitch, Golf and Squash.


Whitecross Tennis Club – Tennis


Community Club Partnerships that we work with where the club provide sessions without cost and introduce their club to our pupils.


Matt Hudd Martial Arts Centre


South Wye Boxing Club


Hereford FC Community Programme


Worcester Warriors Rugby Community Programme  


Academic Year 2023 - 2024

Fitness Test 


Pupils have been busy fitness testing this half term to measure their progress in things like Speed, Power, Muscular endurance, Strength and Flexibility. Well done to so many pupils for setting new personal bests. 

Whitecross Tennis Club


Pupils have been busy on Tennis this term with older groups attending the Whitecross Tennis Club. Some pupils have extended their learning by coming to the after school tennis club on a Thursday afternoon. 


Well done to our pupils for improving their skills, tactual understanding and independence by accessing community sports facilities 


Mr Reed