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Directions to The Brookfield School Hub

Our whole school aim is to enable all our pupils to become:




Emotionally literate

Ambitious learners

Tolerant of others

Effective communicators;

who are prepared for adulthood in modern Britain.


The Brookfield Hub is a welcome extension of Grandstand and Yazor buildings.  Currently, it is home to two classes, Titans and Avengers and pupils in years 4 to 6. Where possible, The Hub strives to keep connections with pupils in Yazor building to ensure that all pupils of primary age are developing friendships and resilience towards each other. Pupils gather daily upon arrival, celebrate their successes at the end of the week and through collaborative theme days.


At The Brookfield Hub we aim to support our pupils to:


  • Increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • Foster cooperation with peer and adults
  • Provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Give pupils greater experiences within the community 
  • Develop greater initiative and self-reliance
  • Develop friendships in a small nurturing environment 
  • Understand and accept the consequences of their actions
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively
  • Help them make informed choices


We are establishing links within the community by performing Christmas Carols, making links with Oakchurch and Riding for the Disabled.


We work closely and communicate regularly with parents and carers to share and discuss their child’s progress. This brings the school and home life closer and provides positivity and clarity to both home and school.