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Mrs McAlpine


Welcome to Avengers Class!


Avengers class this year are based up at The Hub with Titans class. We have all settled into our new classroom and are enjoying the different facilities we have here, including the Woodland and the fitness equipment in the playground!


This year we are studying some lovely texts in English starting with The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. We will be reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and later in the year Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans. In addition, we will be using short animation films as study pieces to work from.


In maths we have started our work looking at Place Value and will then move onto addition and subtraction. Later on, we will cover multiplication and division before looking at shapes, time and fractions. The children have been doing really well with their work already and all seem to really enjoy maths.


Humanities has seen us travel back in time to the Stone Age and we will move forward to gain understanding of the Bronze and Iron Age, we have linked in our Art and have been looking at cave paintings and art. Later in the year we will be investigating Volcanos and I feel there may be some eruptions!


PE is always a firm favourite with the class and this year they are being taught by our PE specialist Mr Reed. They have been telling me all about playing dodgeball and are playing this outside at break they enjoy it so much.


Teaching PSHE is very important to our children and helps them to understand their own and others’ emotions and feelings. We will continue to build upon our previous work, exploring relationships between friends and families, how to be a valued member of not only school but the wider community and the importance of healthy eating to name just a few of the many topics we cover.


As always, we will be planning some different trips to support the children in their education and to build confidence outside the school environment which is so important as well as visits to Dinedor.


We are so proud of each and every child in class and the progress they have already made in such a short time.


Mrs McAlpine Class Teacher, Chelsea, Anna and Nina Teaching Assistants.