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Summer Term finishes on Friday 21st July 2023 for students as Monday and Tuesday 24th / 25th July are Teachers INSET days
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Mrs McAlpine


Welcome to Avengers Class.


Welcome to Avengers Class. This year there is a lot planned for the children and we are pleased that they have all settled well and made some lovely friendships. Snakes and ladders and Uno, have quickly proved to be popular favourite games with the children and all enjoy playing together when they can, building confidence in taking part and understanding that it’s not all about winning.


In sport we have a lot planned throughout the year including swimming, learning to play football with Hereford FC, tennis, basketball, dodgeball and tag rugby. Moving into the summer the staff are looking forward to playing their favourite, Rounders, with the class.


Maths has quickly proved to be a popular subject with the class and we will be building on their understanding of place value, the 4 operations - multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. We will learn about time, shape and measurement and delve into fractions. We will be looking at not only the arithmetic type of questions but also how they can apply their knowledge to everyday situations.


In English, we will be focusing on a topic and using this to apply the English grammar that we learn. We will be using short films such as Marshmallow and Treasure which grab the imagination of the children. Repeating poems about the Rainforest and Myths and Legends about King Arthur are all planned.


Topic this year will see the children travel back in time to learn about the Romans, The Anglo Saxons and The Vikings and understand how our lives today have been impacted by the events of these times. We will then travel back to modern times and look at the world around us in Hereford, including studying the River Wye.


Computers are very popular in our class and throughout the year we will be learning how to use these safely to research topics, to present our work and also how to start to code simple tasks.


Through PSHE we will encourage the children to understand their own and others emotions and feelings. To build confidence and emotional literacy, being able to discuss their own thoughts and feelings.


Art and music will be weaved throughout the year, through all the subjects that we cover, but we will also be discovering the different drawing and painting techniques and thinking of other ways to be expressive such as using our own bodies to form art pieces.


Science is important and we will be looking at science around us, the science of exercise, healthy eating, growing plants, animal habitats and the weather.


There are lots of activities planned to go out into the community; a visit to Santa, watching a film at the cinema, going to the Pantomime and taking part in a theatre production are just some of the exciting things we have planned.


Mrs McAlpine, Chelsea and Becky.