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Positive Behaviour

Aims of our Behaviour Strategy 


The Brookfield School strives to motivate pupils who have so far found school a challenging environment in which to learn.


We aim to providea safe, calm, caring learning environment and a nurturing approach  so that all children and young people are able to achieve their potential. We work to foster a sense of belonging and to provide the opportunity for all pupils to develop a positive sense of self-worth, confidence and control over their lives.


Our aim is to help pupils develop a respect for themselves and others in order to be able to follow the rules and become integrated and accepted members of the larger community and who are able to form positive, meaningful relationships. 


Building Trusting Relationships


We believe that success in the classroom depends on great relationships between staff and pupils. Many of our students have had negative experiences of school, so we take time to get to know them and understand their worries and concerns, so we can engage them in education and make learning fun. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and secure environment where our children can be themselves without fear or judgement so that they can succeed.


Celebrating Achievement


We love to celebrate the individual achievements of our children. Each day and week we take time to recognise those who have made progress – be it in their academic performance, their school attendance or in their behaviour. Children love the incentive of participating in a variety of fun activities on offer as a reward incentive, including going Go-Karting, laser tag, horse riding, bowling or to the local swimming pool. We also make sure to include parents or carers so that they can celebrate their success too. We take great pride in the positive relationships we build with families of the children that attend The Brookfield School.


Behaviour System


The behaviour system is based on one of positive behaviour and reward. 


Positive behaviour is rewarded and celebrated with trips out and within school using a point based reward system.  The pupil with the highest number of points can earn reward trips and vouchers are given at the end of the school year to award improvement, attainment and good attendance.  


Physical Intervention 


As our pupils can occasionally struggle with self regulation, we sometimes have to physically intervene to keep them and others safe.  All staff are trained in Price tequniques and use positive behaviour straetgies, descalation and the principles of applied behaviour analysis.  All pupils have an individual risk assessment and support plan alongside their Boxhall profile which details the aspects of their social, emotional and mental heath they are working on.