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Maths at the Brookfield School aims to give all pupils access to the National Curriculum in preparatiuon for adulthood. We aim to encourage children to develop a positive attitude to mathematics, to enjoy it and to give them regular experience of achievement.


We aim to help children to develop computation skills in the four rules of number and be able to apply relevant mathematical techniques to solve real life situations beyond school. We aim to maintain and increase confidence in mathematics, shown by the ability to express ideas fluently, to talk about the subject with assurance and to use the language of mathematics. We aim to develop the skills of working systematically in independent, co-operative and collaborative situations.


'Mathematics is not only taught because it is useful. It should also be a source of delight and wonder, offering pupils intellectual excitement, for example, in the discovery of relationships ...Pupils should also appreciate the essential creativity of mathematics: it is a live subject which is continuously evolving as technology and the needs of society evolve'. (page 3 - DES 1988)


We have a variety of maths interventions which involve 1:1 sessions for official Catch Up interventions in basic number skills, 1:1 sessions for booster sessions covering all skills, 1:1 booster extension sessions for more able pupils and small group interventions.


All pupils are encouraged to sit Functional Skills exams from Year 9.  We are currently offering GCSE Maths and/or GCSE Statistics at Key Stage 4 alongside the Functional Skills qualifications.