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Careers Resources

Welcome to Careers,


Supporting you to meet your career asperations, check out these great resources to help you on your way to success.


Amazing Buzz quiz find out what animal you are and your personality type, look up allsorts of employement routes, Higher education and training and how to achieve your big goal, research different roles and see what spikes your interest.


Compare roles, have alook at average wages for your chosen career path, research what the role entails.


Both these website use Labour Market Information to give you the heads up when looking to your future, all the information is current, relevant and will support your choices as to a chosen Career path.


Have alook in to National Apprenticeships, how they work, what is required and how we apply. If you need to learn in a hands on way this is a good route to have a look at.


If you have any questions and want to know more about what is availiable to support you, contact Lauren the Brookfield School Careers Advisor she is here to guide you in making the best choices.