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All queries regarding careers and work experience should be via email, or by phoning  01432 265153 and ask for Teri Hobbs. 

Launching in Spring 2 (February 2024) The Brookfield School New Beginnings Booklet.

The New Beginnings booklet is a series of tasks for pupils to complete in tutor time or designated careers/ pshe lessons. These tasks will help pupils highlight and develop their skills needed for employment, as well as help pupils think about their future. The information gathered in the booklet will be used by the careers lead to provide individualised support and careers guidance throughout their journey at The Brookfield School.

The Hereford Skills Show Visit.

Thursday 8th February - The Hereford Racecourse

Classes 10h and 11H


Pupils attended a wet skills show at the racecourse during National Apprenticeship Week!

Pupils had the opportunity to meet and chat with a number of service providers across Herefordshire, there was something for everyone and really set the wheels in motion for careers conversations.


Pupils came away with a free tote bag and as many pens as they could find, yet more importantly they came out with a positive attitude towards their post-16 options. There were many conversations around apprenticeship vs college and what qualifications would be needed.


Amazing confidence and ambition shown by all pupils of years 10 and 11!

Three College taster day 4th July 2023

Pupils from 10B took part in the Three College Taster day on Tuesday 4th July.

The pupils picked from four activities to take part in and were issued with their final two activities the week before. Pupils took part in activities such as motor vehicle, computing, carpentry and animal care. All pupils completed these activities independently! They were fantastic role models for the school and behaved brilliantly. 


Surge Week.

On Thursday 8th June, The Signals and The Infantry joined us in school!

Groups from year 7-10 took part in two, thirty minute sessions. One session was digital detectives and the second was a 'show and tell' demonstration of kit.


All pupils had a great morning and asked some great careers driven questions. 

We look forward to working with the Armed Forces again!