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This half term pupils from year 10/ 11 are taking time out from their busy timetables to complete their work experience. We currently have a year 11 pupil at Taskworthy completing a 3day work experience block. Last half term one of our year 11's completed a 5 day block with Taskworthy which he really enjoyed. This is what he had to say 


"Work at Taskworthy was great, as I got to experience what it will be like when I get a job in the future. At Taskworthy I used all sorts if tools, and was shown heavy machinery that I had never seen before."


Pupils in year 10 are also completing work experience on farms, at HVT and within motor vehicle. 

We look forward to finding out all about their experience within the world of work.

In summer 1, the year 7 group were introduced to Ductu, a primary age careers and enterprise project. Pupils took part in the Hobby craft sessions, where they watched videos of real life Hobby craft workers who discussed their roles within the company. The class were then set the task to create something in groups that could be made by them and potentially sold to the wider school. The pupils learned how a company advertises their product, budget and make their products. Pupils linked this with their abstract art lesson and created Kandinski inspired magnets. Just for fun the pupils made magnets that they could take home to put on the fridge!