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7W 2023 - 2024


Mrs Williams


In our English learning this half term, we are going to be focussing on The Highwayman – a narrative poem written by Alfred Noyes. Pupils will develop their descriptive writing and language ideas for writing creatively.


In Maths we will focus on numbers and the number system by exploring place value, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division using a range of pictorial, concrete and abstract resources to deepen understanding.


The Windrush Generation will be the focus of our humanities lessons. Pupils will discuss the changes that occurred as a result of the Windrush generation and why they were an important addition to the UK. Developing an understanding for how this impacted our modern lives and an appreciation for the importance of past events.


Autumn 1 welcomes us to Hereford Community Farm, each Wednesday morning, where pupils will get hands on experience with a variety of animals, caring for them and carrying out health checks. Pupils will also have a go at the traditional art of green woodworking.


Mrs Williams, Sacha and Sophie