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10B 2022 - 2023


Mr Broadbridge


DT Teacher


Year 10B – Spring Term


The pupils have now completed a term of learning and are becoming used to the expectations of the different courses they are following.  We have also welcomed a new TA to work with the form group in lessons, Vannesa.


The pupils are continuing to follow the same lesson programme, many of which will lead to a form of qualification.  The subjects they are following include;


English – Level 1 or Level 2 in functional Skills (English)

Maths – Level 1 or Level 2 in Functional Skills (Maths)

Science – Entry Level 3 qualification

PSHE – Level 2 qualification in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

IT – Level 1 Functional skills Award

*History  - Entry Level 3 qualification

*Sport – Asdan Level 1 Award and a Level 1 Sport Leadership qualification

*Food and Cooking Skills – Level 1 qualification

*DT Unit Awards – multiple skills accreditation certificates for projects completed

RE – Asdan certificate Level 1


Pupils will also have core PE lessons.


The pupils have already had the opportunity to engage in a number of careers events, as they begin to consider what their education pathway will be post 16.  These include talks in school from the Fire Service and a Post 16 provider as well as a trip to a Careers Fair in Malvern.  Whilst they will not have to be making any firm choices during this academic year, it is important to be thinking about what path the pupils want to follow, especially if they need to achieve certain qualifications!


Rob Broadbridge

Class tutor