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Arrow Group Outreach Provision

The Arrow Provision


Our whole school aim is to enable all our pupils to become:




Emotionally literate

Ambitious learners

Tolerant of others

Effective communicators;

who are prepared for adulthood in modern Britain.


The Arrow Group offsite provision gives our pupils a sense of belonging and also ensures that they are not in a rigid educational environment, focusing on their personal and social development .We support Key Stage 4 pupils, who have struggled with mainstream school life or have been school refusers, to reintegrate into society. We prepare our pupils for the world of work and independent living by providing individually tailored timetables to suit their specific needs and abilities. A dynamic and flexible working approach is used to support and encourage learning and positive school engagement.


At The Arrow we aim to support our pupils to:


  • Increase their confidence and self-esteem
  • Attend our provision, and that of our providers, regularly and punctually
  • Foster cooperation with peer and adults
  • Develop greater initiative and self-reliance
  • Take more responsibility for themselves
  • Understand and accept the consequences of their actions
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively
  • Gain experience of the workplace
  • Help them make informed choices


We have established a wide variety of links with other educational provisions such as HVT, Second Chance, South Wye Boxing Club, Hereford Boxing Academy and Halo Leisure Centre. Sessions with our providers help to increase our pupils confidence and self-esteem, enabling them to take more responsibility for the preparation for their lives ahead. Alongside these opportunities, pupils complete academic studies achieving qualifications in Math's, English, BTEC, PSE and AQA Certificates in a variety of topics including cookery, woodwork, computer safety and awareness and animal care.


Above all we want our Arrow pupils to see themselves as full members of society who can make a useful contrition to it, encouraging them to treat all other members of society with respect and empathy whatever their differences.


We work closely and communicate regularly with parents and carers to share and discuss their child’s progress. This brings the school and home life closer and provides positivity and clarity to both home and school.


Post 16 information:


All our year 11 pupils transition onto Post 16 placements of their interest. Part of their careers lessons is to prepare them to succeed through a smooth transition onto further education. We gather lots of information, booklets, prospectus, emails, telephone communication and online virtual tours to support their individual choices and to offer ideas about which they that they may not have been aware.


This is then followed by booking visits or virtual tours with providers such as Horizons Programme, Holme Lacy Campus, Hereford and Ludlow College, Hoople Training Centre, Hereford Group Training (HGTA), Military Training College (MPCT), and the local Hereford Army Centre.


Pupils are supported with completing their application forms through to the interview process. Parents and carers are kept informed throughout, invited to open days and interviews as well as being given feedback and further support. Arrow are proud to say that all our pupils have been successful in joining a course or apprenticeship of their choice.